Kristoffer Reiter

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Kristoffer Reiter

Kristoffer Reiter is a brand evangelist whose unique approach to brand strategy and creative identity comes from years of studying the relationship between brand positioning and consumer psychology. Most recently as founder and principal of Cohesivewhole, Kristoffer has, for more than 20 years, worked with major global consumer brands to revitalize their most important relationships—those with their customers.

Kristoffer started his career at IKEA headquarters in Elmhult, Sweden, and continued through three different countries and seven years with the company. His Swedish brand experience continued with H&M as they expanded into the Canadian market, opening more than 20 stores across Canada and building their visual and merchandising department.

After several years of building and leading strong creative organization at distinctively American brands such as Bloomingdales, Brooks Brothers, and David Yurman, he opened his own agency, Cohesivewhole.

The fundamental distinction of Kristoffer’s approach to a project is that one must pursue the deepest understanding possible of your customer so that you can translate the magic of your product in a way appropriate to the medium.

Kristoffer is an accomplished presenter, a devoted cyclist, hates writing bio’s, and loves pranks.

Kristoffer Reiter


Inspirational lecture with Kristoffer
30-60 minuter
20 000 SEK
I don't like to convince people to believe in the same stuff as me. It is and should be, your decision to make. I'm just going to tell you what I do. I built an agency of misfits. It's our secret sauce. We all nerd out on how human aspirations relate to brands and products. We design brand experiences that connects to people emotionally. Because you can control the perception you want to have, if you set the tone right. Over the years I have collected a ton of amazing experiences with different brands, good and bad. That's why I would like to share everything I know about cancel culture, the call out generation, neo cult, obsession, passion and shopping in general. I am certain it will give you a bit to think about. Now the decision is yours to make.

"Kristoffer is one of those rare people who naturally serves as an inspiring mentor. During his leadership training I received many valuable creative and business skills; color analysis, design and composition, creative merchandising and styling."


"He's a great guy, professional and business minded, has the eye on the ball, fun to be around, which is always a bonus, and also "ödmjuk" as they say in Swedish - which could loosely be translated into "easygoing, ready to hear both sides, open for discussion, and nowhere near lofty". So visualize listening to Kristoffer, or better yet, let him visualize it for you. I'm quite sure you won't regret it."


"Kristoffer was again and continuous impressing me by having in depth knowledge on visual concepts, creative direction and a very good feeling for details. On top of that his sarcasm and Swedish humor is on point. "

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